March 7, 2014

Whether you're new to Google Plus or a bit more of a veteran, it is important to have an awesome profile set up. Many, however, aren't really sure what they should have on their profile or how to best set it up. Here, I want to help you fix that with my tips to create a great Google Plus profile.

To clarify any confusion, this post is related to personal profiles not brand pages. Although similar, there are differences between the two.

When you log into your Google Plus account, click on your Profile tab to access your profile information. If you don't know where to find this, hover your mouse over the "Home" tab (directly underneath the Google+ icon) in the top right corner. Hovering your mouse here will open up a menu of options.

Profile Photo

As I always recommend on your social media accounts, your profile photo should be the same as all your other branded or professional accounts. Ease of recognition and familiarity always make people more comfortable. Your profile can be a photo of you or your brand logo, depending on your brand and purpose of using Google+.

If you want to change your profile photo, click the profile photo and choose or drag a new photo to upload.

Cover Photo

Your cover photo is an opportunity to share even more information or personality on your page. Again, I recommend some cohesion between your Google+ cover photo and your other social media account cover photos.

Google+ has made a lot of changes in the size and layout of their cover photos. However, the current size is a 16x9 ratio and accommodates images up to 2120 x 1192 pixels. The cover image will appear in its entirety to the right of your profile photo and information. A frosted/blurred section of the cover photo will appear on the left side, behind your profile photo and information.

All of the "about" information and sections can easily be edited by clicking on the "edit" button in each section. Just update your information and save changes.


Your Tagline is a very important part of your Google Plus profile! This is the information that is listed under your profile photo and name when your Google Plus card shows up in searches or as a new follower.

Choose the information you list here very carefully. Your tagline should be a very short explanation of who you are and why people should know you. Ensure that the keyword(s) related to your niche or industry are in your tagline so that you are easily recognized.


The Introduction section is your place to write a little bit about who you are. Use this space to introduce yourself to others and explain what you do. Keep it entertaining and reflective of your personality. You can also include the link to your website or blog in this section to make it easy for people to quickly find your site.

Bragging Rights

This is a fun section where you get to publicly "brag" about yourself. Use this section to tell people about your successes or things that set you apart. Have you won awards, received influential endorsements, got a secret talent? Share it here!


The Work section can be completed with details about your occupation and skills. I recommend you complete the skills section with relevant skills related to your industry or niche. You can also complete the employment section with your current and previous jobs. If you fill in this section, your most recent company will be listed in your profile information.

Contact Information

If you're using your Google Plus profile for business purposes, complete the contact information with as much information as possible. Make sure you use the Work section and include your email, phone, fax, address, or any other relevant information where people can contact you.


The Links section is one that often gets ignored but can be a great source of information. The Links section will include your Google+ URL. However, you can add a bunch of other relevant links. I recommend adding your other social media account links to make it easy for people to find you on other sites. If you have been featured on other websites, you can include links to those sites as a contributor. In the "Links" section, add any other relevant links. This should include your website, your blog, or any other sites you have. For example, I include the link to my Instagram ebook on Amazon in this section. Take advantage of this section of your profile to direct people where you want them to go.


All of these sections can be edited at any time. I highly recommend you review your profile at least a couple times a year and update any information. Also, try rewording your tagline or introduction to keep things fresh and relevant.

Taking good advantage of these sections can really help boost your Google Plus profile. The more information you have available and the more you connect with other Google Plus users, the more success you will see on this site.

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  1. Thanks for the tips; I’ve been trying to improve my Google+ skills. I went through your post like a checklist & made several changes. Everyone says how G+ is so important now, so this was a timely read for me.

    1. That’s great, Ann! I’m so glad you found this useful in updating your G+ profile.
      Google+ will continue to be more important to social media strategies and it’s great that you’re using it more and doing what you can to improve your profile.

  2. Thanks for the tips Jenn. I’ve been meaning to go back and improve my profile, so I should be able to put these tips to good use.

  3. Its great to see somebody really focusing on how them and their business appears on Google+. More than often you will find that businesses (or individual users) put half the effort in on their Google+ page set-up and optimisation than they would on Facebook.

    However, I like to see social media as real estate. You would not try and sell a half built or shabby house, so why would you try and sell from a half built social media profile.

    Once again thanks for the great tips.

    1. Thanks Ashton! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Unfortunately, many do focus on the posts and other aspects, neglecting a well-constructed profile. I like your analogy of selling a quality house! That’s a great way to think about it.

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