March 5, 2014

When was the last time you read a blog post that you swear was written for you? Maybe it answered a question on the top of your mind. Or maybe it called you out for a bad behavior. Or maybe it was an entertaining story that really put something in perspective for you. Either way, some bloggers have an amazing talent for writing the most personalized blog posts that really speak to their readers.

While I try to do this myself, I don't consider myself an expert. But I have been paying attention to posts that I feel achieve this level of connection and I've made some determinations about how the authors do it. Here are my best tips to really connect with your blog readers.

Make it personal

The best way to connect with your blog readers is to be personal. This means taking out all the professional jargon and politically correct bulls#!t and being YOU. You're allowed to have an opinion. You're allowed to have a voice. Use them! Inject your personality into your posts. Connect with your readers by sharing who you are.

As a slight disclaimer, if you're writing your blog for a professional company or even your own brand, keep some tact and respect in your writing. You don't want to go against the voice of the brand or look like a raging lunatic (unless that is your brand) but you can still show your personal side.

Write conversationally

As I mentioned above, stop with the technical and professional jargon. Yes, you have to include some of it but your blog should read like a conversation not a doctoral thesis or research paper. Imagine you were explaining the concept to someone over coffee. Chances are you would talk more casually about the process, the events, the experiences, and other aspects. Write this way! Make your blog post a conversation with your readers. It's ok to digress or go off on a tangent occasionally too - this is what we do in conversations.

Talk to your readers

This is really an extension of speaking conversationally but so many neglect doing it. In your blog posts, talk to your readers. Greet them. Ask them questions (rhetorical or not). Use phrases like "you know what I mean!" Also, use the words "you" and "we" - imagine you're talking to one person, not thousands and write your blog as though you're talking to that one person. Find ways to incorporate your reader into the conversation in your blog. This draws them in and makes them feel like you're really talking to them.

Use examples

People love examples. They want to know what you're talking about. Do you have an example that shows someone who did this well? Or maybe a reverse example - something that went totally wrong? Use these examples to bring life to your blog posts and connect with your readers.

Tell stories

This is one of the best ways to connect with readers. People learn best from stories - they remember stories. Stories put things in context. Whether it's your own story or a retelling of someone else's story, use it! Not only does it personalize your blog post but it keeps readers interested and reading longer because they want to know more.

Know what your audience wants

This is so important. There have been more than a few times where I've received comments or emails from readers asking me if I read their minds. My latest blog post was "exactly what they needed!" No, I'm not a mind reader - although my husband may tell you otherwise 😉 I just know what my audience wants to know. I listen to them, in fact I often ask them what they want me to write about. By answering their burning questions, I'm guaranteed to connect with them directly.

Respond to comments

No one wants to talk to a robot. We want to connect with people. If someone has taken the time to leave a comment or ask a question - answer them! I don't care if it's on your blog or on a social media post of your article. The best long term way to connect with your readers is to actually talk to them when they reach out to you! They've taken the time to connect with you, take the time to respond and forge a relationship with them too. I guarantee your readers will be more engaged, more loyal, and more connected if you respond to their comments.


I hope you find these tips helpful when you're writing your blog posts. Remember, your blog is a place to really interact and connect with your readers. Take advantage of this platform to do it well!

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  1. Very helpful tips Jen! I want to learn to write more conversationally. I guess it isn’t a matter of learning to but just doing it.

    1. Thanks Julia! I’m glad you found this helpful. I will consider writing a future post focusing on writing conversationally which I hope will help you even more. In the meantime, keep focusing on the tips listed here and doing your best to write “as you talk”. You’re doing a great job with your blog!

  2. Wonderful list of tips! Of all the things you mention, I am most partial to “write conversationally” and know your audience. Both of these are crucial in reaching your readers (something you do very well). If you wrote too “tech”, there is simply no way I would get the information I need from your posts. It is a simple as that! I will be sharing this for sure!

    1. Thanks Kim! I always appreciate you sharing my posts 🙂
      I agree that knowing your audience is so important. Even within my niche of social media marketing there are a ton of readers at all different levels and with different “issues”. There’s no way I could write for all of them. Instead, I focus on writing for the readers I do have and what their pain points are.

  3. All are very excellent tips. On the subject of replying to comments, I’ve also found it to be helpful and appreciated to visit the blogs of people commenting on your blog and take a minute to leave a comment on their blog. If you have a popular blog this isn’t possible because you’ll probably get too many comments, but if you’re just getting started it is a good way to show readers that you notice and appreciate their interaction at your blog.

    1. Great advice, Marc! The more you can interact and connect with other bloggers (and their readers too), the more you really forge those relationships.

  4. YES! Someone else who understands how to use and improve social media. Specifically when it comes to business. To many small businesses are promoting and throwing up average articles. Answering questions should be at the top of the list but I like you article. Keep yelling this to people.

    1. Thanks Joey! I love your passion 🙂
      Answering questions and serving your audience should always be the top focus for bloggers.

  5. Wonderful tips Jenn. When I write, I feel like I’ve left a part of me on that page (screen/post), so it is very personal. I know that it resonates with some and I hope to continue to please those readers.

    I agree 100% with all of the tips you’ve offered, and I would add that it’s important to know your blog. This may sound odd, of course we know our blog, but with blogging being done by so many voices (take a corporate blog for example, with multiple contributors), I believe that it’s important that blogs follow a standard base tone, as that’s what your audience has come to expect.

    1. Thanks Claudia! And you bring up an excellent point. If there are multiple writers or “voices”, it’s imperative that they are all on the same page and understand the strategy of the blog. Thanks for chiming in with that advice 🙂

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