June 4, 2014

I love Google. I turn to Google for almost everything I need. I need to fix a code on my website. Google. I can't remember what temperature to cook a turkey at. Google. I need the address to a new place. Google. I think I have some weird disease. Google.

You get it. You probably do the same thing. We turn to Google (or Bing or other search engine) for everything. The answer to your question, no matter how off the wall, is inevitably out there somewhere.

And yet there are still countless industry experts in every field out there making money - as experts.

But if Google has the answer to everything, why do we need experts?

I have wrestled with the "right" answer to this numerous times. I have a few thoughts... 😉

But I recently read an article about how experts beat Google every time. This article was focusing more on leadership and management experts, but the idea was the same. This article fueled my thoughts and brought me to write this blog post.

Here's why I believe Google can't compete with a social media expert.


Google has no flipping clue what your goals are. You ask a question, it assumes a breadth of information to answer that question. But it doesn't really know what you want.

Sure, you can ask Google how to format a Facebook post. You'll get a few hundred million results. But, maybe you're looking for the perfect post to drive more traffic to your website. Or maybe to drive the most shares possible on Facebook.

Even if you type these more specific questions into Google, does it know why you want to do that? Are you trying to get more sales, grow brand awareness, grow your network? What if we go further... does Google know what your Facebook audience looks like and how they'll react to different posts?

An expert, however, can gather this information from you, work with you to really neck down what you're trying to do and then give you a simple, targeted procedure that works for you! Based on your audience, your goals, your business, your Facebook practices, and so much more.

In social media marketing, there isn't really such a thing as a "simple" question. Everything has so many layers to it, that "simple" isn't really possible. Only a social media expert can work with you to simplify your process based on all its complexities.


There's something that evolves so organically out of personal conversations. Whether on the phone, on a Google Plus Hangout, or in person, conversations drive results. They get the juices flowing and both parties are more involved in the outcome.

When you read an article on the internet, or you listen to a YouTube video, are you really paying attention? Or are you skimming and fast forwarding or looking away and missing information? You can't do that in a real life conversation. You're a part of the discussion, learning new ideas, and bringing your own resolutions to the table.


Along with the goals and the conversations, experts can bring real personalization to your questions and provide customized resolutions. Your challenges, your business, your needs - they are all unique to you. So why struggle to make a cookie cutter response fit your situation?


Instagram posts are most effective at 6:00 pm on Fridays. Pinterest posts with red in the image get 40% more repins.

It's on the internet, it must be true!

Uh, yeah, not so much... We all know that's not the case. But anyone can claim anything online. And how do you know it's true or accurate? Sure, you can dig around and try to validate the information, but you're wasting precious time doing so.

An expert can give you a much more accurate answer and if you're working with them, I assume you've already vetted their qualifications and knowledge so you can actually trust them.

Side note here, there is no perfect time to post or universal rule for what gets more interaction. It's all very subjective. Here's where a social media expert can actually look at your information and tell you what's really going on and what you should focus on.

You Get What You Pay For

Have you ever Googled a home repair or project? Maybe you saw something on Pinterest and thought "I could totally make that for cheaper than the store!" Yeah, how many of those work out that easily?

Chances are, by the time to find the things you need to do your project, study and learn the videos showing you how to do it, fail a couple times, and then leave it with a sarcastic #NailedIt before buying the item at the store or calling the plumber to fix the bigger mess you just made.

There's a reason "experts" do what they do and charge what they charge. Because it's worth it! They save you time. They save you headaches. They save you money. They save you screw ups.

No, I do not label myself a social media "expert" but in the context of this article, yes, I can beat Google on a lot of things. If you want assistance with your social media strategy, contact me and let's save you time, money, and headaches!

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  1. When your goal is only social media, you’re lacking real results.

    We all need to become expert as using these tools, like we are expert at using the phone or pencil sharpener.

    Business goals need to be much more than social media rankings

    1. I completely agree, Warren, that all business owners need to become fluent in social media practices. I hope, and expect, that at some point, social media will become as common as email to all businesses. In the meantime, we need to be there to help teach them and show them how to use it effectively so that they don’t use it only for rankings or popularity based on the number of likes.

      1. I suppose there have been a few email specialist hired in companies over the years. Funny how most of us realized far before we got any good at email that it wasn’t a separate discipline.

        I recall one day in the late 90’s when I realized that I was getting very good at communicating faster by email than by letters and phone. I was depressed because I had started using email in 1981 and realized that it would be more like 2010 before people figured it out LOL.

        I’m so glad I didn’t decide to hang out my shingle as an email media specialist

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