June 11, 2014

At this point, Facebook has rolled out the new page layout to almost all business pages. There are still a few pages lingering behind, but they’ll be updated soon enough. Of course, with the new Facebook layout comes questions of where to find things, how to do certain things now, and how to format everything.

Rather than recreating all the information that is out there, I’ve sourced some of the best articles with information and resources to help you quickly transition to the new Facebook layout.


First and foremost, here’s the update notice from Facebook about the new layout.

In this post, Facebook summarizes the new layout and its features. They define it as a “Streamlined Look for Pages”. This post from Facebook gives a good summary of the new layout features and how Facebook figures that these changes will benefit both page managers (making it easier to access tools) and page followers (making it easier to find relevant information).

Socially Stacked

This post from Socially Stacked takes the layout information a little further than the Facebook post above. It goes into more detail about where things are located and tips on how to use them to your advantage.

AllFacebook (Jon Loomer)

In this post for AllFacebook, Jon Loomer breaks down all the dimensions you need to know in this informative infographic. He’s got all the dimensions for the cover photo, photos in posts, apps, post dimensions, and more. This is definite resource to keep handy!


This post from Tabsite answers the 8 most common questions about the new Facebook layout. The questions range from how and when the new layout will affect you into more detailed questions like how to showcase highlighted posts.

One of the best questions and answer in this post is how to use Facebook as your page. This function is still there but has moved to the top right hand corner of the screen – check out this post for details and screenshots.

Another key question answered in this post is how to find and position your apps. The items in the left side bar can actually be rearranged and this post shows you how to do all that to maximize your page for your goals and audience.

Social Media Examiner

In this photo on Social Media Examiner’s Facebook page, you can see details about where to find the People Talking About This in the new layout.

Additional Input

I also have some personal observations that I want to share with you.

In your About section on the left side bar, Facebook now automatically displays your website URL that you listed in your Company information. In the old layout, this wasn’t automatically displayed so we would advise businesses to include this in their short About description. But now that it’s displayed automatically, it’s redundant to have it in your About description. Now, you can use those additional characters to better define your business.

Another tip to consider is how to check your notifications. Similar to the old layout, you’ll notice a red notification with the number of notifications in your top menu bar, like this:

However, clicking on the Activity button will default you to your messages. You have to then click on the notifications option to see your notifications. Since I’m all for reduced clicks and efficiency, you can actually directly access your notifications from the right side of your page in the “This Week/Unread” Column:

Simply hovering over the Notification section will show you all of your current notifications!

I have to admit that I prefer the new Facebook layout and the way in which things are organized. I think it looks better and is definitely easier to navigate. What do you think though? Do you like it? And have you discovered any new tips or tricks to use the new layout more efficiently? Feel free to join in the conversation by leaving a comment below!

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  1. I like it too Jenn. I find it more streamlined and visually appealing for sure. I especially like the way any pics I post look better. I also feel that the apps I use for my blog and pinterest look for prominent. And for some reason, at least for me, I didn’t have to play with my cover photo (we will see what happens when I go to change it though!).

    1. I’m so glad you like it too, Kim. And you’re lucky your cover photo worked out! I had to rearrange just a couple things so they wouldn’t be hidden or obstructed but it wasn’t too much of a change.

  2. Thank you for this Jenn! I’ll check out the links…

    I switched over to the new layout recently and like it.. My only gripe is that it seems as though I can no longer tag people when I’m commenting “as my page,” and if I make a personal post there is no way to share or display that on the actual feed! (That’s kind of annoying, I’d like to have the option to do that.)

    1. I’m glad you like the new layout out and I hope the tips I have here help you resolve the issues you’re having with using FB as your page. I hope you get it working the way you like it quickly 🙂

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