June 11, 2015

I'll admit that I love when I read another blogger's article and it inspires a new blog post idea for me. While I always want to give you fresh and unique ideas, sometimes these ideas get spurred by others. And today's blog post is one that was driven by inspiration.

I recently read a blog post from my friend Dorien Morin-Van Dam about summer social media content ideas. To be fair, her post is awesome and you should totally go check it out. She even has a great infographic in the post with great tips. But it really got me thinking about summer content ideas - and how we often struggle to generate fresh new social media content because we're so busy with other summer activities.

So I came up with my 5 best tips for how to take advantage of these summer distractions - I mean activities - and incorporate them into awesome social media content that your audience will love. And these aren't just what types of things to post. These are ways to take your actual summer activities and translate them into social media content for your business.

Get Personal

Let's face it, I talk about it, others talk about it, and you know it. The more you include personal details into your business content, the more your audience connects with you. They get to see your personality, your interests, and it builds a sense of trust and relationship between you and your audience.

So, open up and share what you're up to! Share the occasional photo from your vacation, activities you're doing with the kids, new places you're trying out, or summer dishes that you get to enjoy. The visual content alone is powerful and connects with you audience. But telling the story behind what you're doing or where you're going or why you're doing it will generate a better level of engagement and trust with your audience.

Ask For Advice

Are you travelling somewhere new? Or want to try new activities with the kids in your city? Or want to know the best place for entertainment on a rainy summer day? Or looking for the best summer recipes? Or the best places to escape kids? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ask your audience on social media!! People love to share advice and ideas. If you take the time to ask them and engage with them when they respond, not only will you have a slew of new ideas, but you'll have a huge increase in your social media engagement! That's a win-win!

Get Great New Stock Photos

You know you struggle to find good photos all year round. Whether for social media, blogging, marketing materials, or emails, we always need fresh (and royalty/copyright free) images. So why not take advantage of your summer activities to get some more photos for your needs?

At the beach? Take some photos of the water, the birds, the people, the umbrellas, the scenery. Take photos of your feet in the sand. Take photos of that delicious ice cream cone before you (or the kids) scarf it down. Driving down the highway, take a photo (or have your passenger take it!) of the road in front of you. Take photos of the flowers, parks, trees and other pretty things around you. At a busy museum or crowded venue? Take photos of the crowd or lines of people. Take photos of architecture, doors, windows, and other unique aspects.

Anything you're doing could translate to a stock photo you can use down the road. Don't overthink it but just take the photos. You can go through and edit or delete later. But if you're traveling, you can't get back there and grab that photo after your vacation is over. So take advantage of the opportunity you have to take endless photos this summer.

Write About Lessons Learned

Chances are you're going to learn something this summer. Maybe a friend will introduce you to a new fitness trend. Or your kids will show you how to use the newest social media platform or tool. Or you'll learn how to cope in a certain situation. Or you'll talk to a business owner about their challenges or experiences. The opportunities to learn are endless!

You can take these lessons and easily create new blog posts or social media posts! Share what you learned, what value you garnered, and how you think this helps your audience. Or just plain make fun of yourself if that was the lesson ๐Ÿ˜‰ Either way, you're sharing knowledge and experiences with your audience that adds to both the human and professional aspect of your business.

Summer Survival Stories/Tips

Unless you're really lucky, chances are you aren't spending the whole summer traveling or on vacation. You still have to work too! So how do you navigate the summer months?

What tips and stories can you provide your customers that will benefit them? If you're at home with kids, share your stories and tips for staying on track with work while entertaining your kids. If you live in a hot humid area, share ideas for beating the heat. If you're a local business, share your favorite get-away spots when you need a break. Do a lot of your customers have young kids? Share tips on water safety or theme park safety.

These things don't even have to be your own personal experiences. They could be articles you read that you related to. But if it resonated with you, chances are it'll resonate with your audience too. And it's ok to go "off-topic" with these types of things occasionally. Taking the time to share these lessons with your audience adds depth and relevance to your brand while providing fresh content ideas that just may boost your social media engagement.


So, now you're all ready to dive head first into summer while still managing to keep your social media content fresh and engaging! I hope you have a great summer with lots of wonderful experiences.

And if you have any tips on the social media content you share during the summer, please chime in below!

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my post, Jen and I LOVE what you’ve done with yours!

    Great tips to bring it one step further. Every single tip is valuable.

    I do all of these for More In Media, but not necessarily for all of my clients. Perhaps this blog post will inspire some brainstorming sessions… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thank you for inspiring me! I really liked your post and it really did get me thinking about what content to share this summer.
      And if mine combined with yours can generate some fun brainstorm ideas for you and your clients, then we’re definitely all winners ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Let’s face it Jenn…… at the end of the day, those of us using social media as it should be, are mere story tellers, producers, educators, counselors, etc. Most definitely, we are not salespeople! Hope you are doing well!

    1. We are definitely story tellers and summer stories are just another way to build that story board!

  3. Love this article Jenn! I also use this time to take more photos than usual and put a “fresher” slant on what I write. You can count on me sharing this as always!

    1. Thanks Kim! Glad to hear you already implement a lot of these methods ๐Ÿ™‚ And, you know I always appreciate your shares!

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