June 15, 2015

There are a lot of online summits out there - all with different information and training options for social media management. If you have the opportunity to sign up for these summits or sessions, I highly recommend you do! Staying on top of current trends, knowledge, and updates is key to your growth in social media.

Of course, while I love attending these summits and training events, it's always awesome to be invited to speak at one too. And I was thrilled to be asked to participate in the Massive Traffic Massive Conversion Summit put on by Videospot.

Videospot puts on a summit every year - free of charge! - to thank their loyal customers, subscribers, and viewers. This year's theme is all about how to drive traffic and conversions from social media. They have invited myself and 20 other high profile speakers to teach you what you need to know to see these levels of success for your own business.

Of course, I brought a session full of insights on using Instagram to drive traffic. Some of the topics we covered included:

Using Your Instagram Bio Effectively

Before we even really got started, Owen (owner of Videospot and host of the summit) brought up the reality that there is only one place you can put a clickable link on Instagram. This led in perfectly to starting our discussion on driving traffic.

Beyond just having the right profile photo and bio description, it's so important to use that ONE clickable link so effectively! We talked about the importance of using this link to send people exactly where you want them to go on your website. If you want them to go to your product page, don't have the link go to your homepage.

I used the example of going shopping and when you walk into a store, see the perfect outfit, but can't find the pieces on display because they're located all around the store. Annoying, right? It's the same thing when you send people to random pages on your website when they went there for a specific reason!

I also talked about the super important need to use a bit.ly or trackable link in the URL on Instagram because Google Analytics doesn't track Instagram traffic as referral or social. It thinks it's direct traffic which means your GA aren't accurately representing how much real traffic you're getting. To learn more about this, make sure you tune into the live session!

Using Calls-to-Action

The link in the bio is all good and dandy, but that's only the first part of the strategy. In order to get people to use the link, you have to use effective calls-to-action in your Instagram posts to direct people to that link.

We talked about how to format your captions and your calls-to-action. Hint: Tell them to "Click on the link in my bio" to get them to click on the link in your bio!

The more clear and concise your instruction, the easier it is to follow through and the better results you will see.

And if you really want your calls-to-action to stand out, I recommended including them as text overlays on your actual images to ensure that people scrolling by don't miss them. This is a hugely powerful tactic that drives significantly more results and traffic.

Use Quality Content

Here we talked about the value of creating the best visual content for your audience. We talked about photos and videos and the power they have to connect with your audience. You really want this content to stand out to your audience so that they stop and read what you have written in your captions. Combining branded content, well-crafted content, and high-impact visuals are all keys to success on Instagram.


In a short 35 minute session, we covered all this and more - including tips on how to format your post captions with spacing and emojis.

If you want to listen to this session, sign up for the Massive Traffic Massive Conversion Summit - for FREE! Don't forget there are also 20 other speakers on a variety of other traffic and conversion topics that you will learn a ton of information from. The Summit goes live this week with all the live recordings so sign up soon to avoid missing any of the good early sessions!

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  1. We are so excited to have you as a guest! The interview sounded great and the audience is going to LOVE what you bring to the table.

    1. I’m glad this gave you some good ideas on using CTAs, Meredith! They are a very powerful tactic when incorporated properly into your Instagram (and other social media sites) strategy.

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