September 3, 2014

The world of social media is always evolving and growing. There's always something "new" out there for you to try. And I typically avoid dumping the newest shiny toy into your lap via my blog posts. I like to wait until I've seen how something works for myself and/or until I know how it can really help you and your business.

This is why I haven't written about SlideShare until now. It's actually been around for years but has really gained traction recently. I've used it, I've shared a couple presentations there, and I've gotten to see how it can really work.

And I really like it! And I think you can take advantage of this platform too and see really positive results.

First of all, you need to get a SlideShare account. It's really easy. Go to the website, click "sign up", follow a couple quick steps, and you're good to go. They have made it a really easy process.

Once you're up and running, you can upload your first presentation. You can upload PowerPoint presentations, videos, infographics, and other visual content directly to your profile. It's an easy drag and drop or select file upload process. Seriously, this is one of the easiest sites to navigate and use.

Now that you've uploaded your presentation, you can easily grab the embed code and embed this presentation directly into your blog or website. This is a really efficient way to increase engagement and time spent on your site.

You can also share your content directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites quickly and easily.

After uploading your content, you'll be able to access your uploads directly from the site to see how they're performing. SlideShare shows you the number of views, embedded views,  likes, comments, and downloads. SlideShare will also send you weekly emails with your stats and updates (even on the regular account) so you'll be able to see how you're performing weekly. Until recently, only Pro users had access to full analytics but I'm waiting to see if this will be available to everyone now that they aren't charging for premium access/services.

With the latest changes, there may also soon be the opportunity to customize your profile with a banner image and content arrangement. Stay tuned for these changes coming in September!

I also recommend you take the time to search for people in your network on SlideShare. You might be surprised to find how many of them are already using this platform! Follow these people to stay up to date on what they share. And once they see you're on SlideShare, chances are they'll follow you back and grow your network here.

Ok, so that's a quick synopsis of how to get started on SlideShare. But this post is supposed to be about how to sky rocket your social media strategy.

So let's jump into that fun stuff!


Use the Content You Already Have

One of the biggest hurdles in social media is creating new content. But with SlideShare you can use the content you already have. If you have existing PowerPoint slide decks or visual content, just upload that content!

Otherwise, take a little time to convert your current written content into visual form. If you have ebooks, blogs, FAQs, etc, these can all easily be converted into slide decks and images or videos for SlideShare consumption.

Make It Easy to Digest

Crowded slides or slides with too little information won't perform well. Remember that the viewer doesn't have a person speaking to support the slides so the slides must stand on their own. Make them easy to read, keep them clean, and keep the information concise and relevant. In general, avoid using more than 3 points per slide.

Length is also a key factor in what people will enjoy. Short, easy to digest slide decks will generally work better. If you have a lot of content, consider breaking it up into multiple, shorter slide decks.

Focus on Your Branding

Because it's so highly visual, make good use of branding. Consider your fonts, colors, logos, and other branding components. Make sure that it's consistent so that when people see it, they know it's yours. It should be consistent within SlideShare and with your other online and offline marketing.

Provide "Extra" Content

Mari Smith does this really well and I love how she makes this work for her. Whenever she does a speaking engagement or presentation, she uploads the slide deck to SlideShare. Included on these slides are additional notes and data. She tells everyone at the presentation that it's available on SlideShare and what to expect. This way, her live presentation runs smoothly and attendees can focus directly on what she's saying, knowing they can download all the slides and data afterwards.

Promote It Socially

Because of the relationship between LinkedIn and SlideShare (LinkedIn owns it), it is stupidly easy to share your SlideShares directly to LinkedIn. And they do really well on LinkedIn. It's a fresh way to gather information and it translates well to the professional audience on LinkedIn. Use this to your advantage to grow your social expertise on LinkedIn!

SlideShare also integrates really nicely with Google+ Hangouts. Incorporating your SlideShare decks into your next HOA can really amp up the quality and education you are known for!

Include all your social media profiles on your SlideShare profile, and even in your slides. Make it easy for people to find you on social media. If they like your slide deck(s), they will follow you on social media. This is how you will get more interactions and grow your audience quickly and effectively.

Kickstart Your Blog's SEO

SlideShare is an SEO powerhouse and can quickly help you generate referral traffic and improve your search rankings. Make sure that you incorporate keywords and information into your blog posts and embed quality SlideShare presentations directly into your posts.

Also make sure that your SlideShare content has powerful, keyword relevant titles. This will become a key search feature and determine how your content appears in searches.

The couple slide decks I have included in my blog posts have performed extremely well.

Lead Generation

Make sure to include calls-to-action (CTAs) in your SlideShare content. Link to your website, your landing page, your opt-in page, or other lead conversion page directly from your slides. Yes, you can include clickable links in your slide decks! You can even include lead capture forms directly into the slide presentation (for PRO users) - it doesn't get much easier than that! When you're getting thousands of views on your content, make sure you focus on converting those views to leads.


I think that's a pretty good list of ways to strategically utilize SlideShare! If you're hesitant, I urge you to try one presentation on SlideShare. Upload one, format it correctly, and promote it. See how it does for you compared with your other social media tactics. You might just have found a hidden gem 🙂

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  1. I am on Slideshare but have yet to use it properly. I will definitely have to explore taking my existing blog articles and making them more visual so I can post them! Thanks!

    1. Kim, you should definitely look into using SlideShare more. I think it could be really powerful for your business!

    1. Hi Lori! Welcome to the blog 🙂
      I hope you continue to find my blog posts helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or send me an email.

  2. Hi Jenn,

    Thanks for sharing this! I got to agree that SlideShare is great. I use it for one of my blogs and I was surprised that I was generating over 1,000 views / traffic a week from it.

    Insanely powerful but of course, you need the right tactics to get it working.

    Great write and thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s great that you’re seeing that traffic boost, Reginald! Of course, like you said, it’s about knowing how to use it well and leveraging it the right way. But it is so powerful when you do!

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