September 17, 2014

There's a reason my blog is called Jenn's Trends. My goal has always been to bring you the best, relevant, and current information in social media. If there are current trends in social media, I want you to know about them and how to incorporate them.

But, if you've read this blog more than a couple times, you know I'm not about being trendy when it comes to the newest shiny object. I'm not trying to capitalize on a hot topic just to get traffic.

And you shouldn't either.

I see these vulture-like attempts to hijack a trend all too often and it gets so old so fast.

There have been a lot of news-worthy events lately (many unfortunate). The passing of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. People capitalizing on these events, writing articles like "The Top 5 Leadership Lessons from Robin Williams" are vultures. It's not "trendy". It's annoying. Within hours of celebrities passing, we have countless articles referencing them.

It's September and we all take time to reflect on 9/11. It's not a time to turn this event into a promotion for your new cell phone.

Yes, the Kardashians are always trending. But that doesn't mean you need to promote your jewelry line using their name or likeness.

Be yourself. Represent your own brand. Stop preying on the circumstances around you to try to stand out. Because all you're doing is drowning your voice in the clutter.

Now, there are ways that you can actually capitalize on trends without looking smarmy.

I was talking with a client recently and this exact topic came up in the discussion. She is an executive coach for women and doesn't want to be that "trendy" type of person. But in leadership there are plenty of current events or "trends" that she can capitalize on, while staying true to herself and her brand.

For example, the Lean In book is big in the leadership world for women right now. It's not the shiny new toy but it's worth discussing. And if she can take that opportunity to discuss why she agrees with, or disagrees with, various aspects of the book, her audience can better relate to her.

Likewise, you can take a current topic that is relevant to your industry and make it your own.

Talk about why you agree or disagree. Add your thoughts to the concept. Explain how your customers can use this information to benefit them. Discuss whether it's a trend or here to stay.

Similarly, seasonal content is always "trendy". Back to school. Halloween. New Years. These are trends people can actually relate to when incorporated well. Don't abuse the trend just to be seen. Make it relevant to your brand and audience. And if you can't make it relevant, don't do it.

So, yes, you can be trendy without preying on trending topics. You can be relevant and connect better with your audience without chasing after the shiny new object.

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  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes! Writing about trending topics in my industry is one thing. Trying to relate a “trending” news item (especially one that is tragic) to one of those topics, or even my business as a whole, is wrong! There are certainly funny things that happen that certain brands can use (when the lights went out at a pro football game in CA is an example). But taking a death, hurricane, or any other topic that will evoke a lot of strong emotions seems sleazy to me.

    1. I had a feeling you’d feel the same way about this, Kim 🙂
      And, yes, something like Oreo jumping quickly on a public event like stadium lights going out – that’s cool. It’s original and timely. But, all the people who then tried to capitalize on the Oreo example by writing post after post of “How to dominate social media like Oreo” or “5 social media lessons from Oreo’s Super Bowl post” gets to be too much. Marketers need to learn when to draw the line.

  2. That is what being a blogger all about, “Being yourself”, that gives of most of the juice to your blog. It gives flavor and uniqueness to your post. Thanks for the intuitive article Jenn. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jayden! Glad you liked the post 🙂
      And, yes, being a blogger is all about being true to you!

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