April 11, 2014

More big updates have been announced recently regarding our favorite social media sites. One of the changes which can be the most tedious of changes for social media marketers is when cover/header photo sizes change. And both Facebook and Twitter have introduced changes to these images recently.

Many people may not realize the effect that these changes have on our pages. But the smallest readjustments may mean that your current branded images are now poorly formatted for the new layouts.

To help you out, I’ve rounded up information on the latest updates for both Facebook and Twitter. Both sites have announced that new layouts are being rolled out in the near future. But don’t wait until you have the new layout to update your cover photos. By then, your images are outdated.

Start designing and playing with image layouts now. Keep your designs on file and you’ll be ready to upload as soon as you get the new layout!


Although the new Facebook cover photo hasn’t changed in size, it has changed in layout. Now, the profile photo sits higher into the cover photo. And the “Liked”, “Following” and other buttons are now on top of your cover photo (previously, these were below the cover photo). The tabs have also been moved so if you have an arrow pointing to a tab or button on your current image, it will be irrelevant in the new layout.

You will want to redesign your cover photo to accommodate these changes.

Fortunately, Jon Loomer has put together a great graphic that shows how the new Facebook cover photo is formatted. Use these dimensions to create your new photos.

It’s also worth pointing out that this will look different on a mobile device. Keep mobile device formatting in mind when you design your cover photos. The profile photo covers significant area of the cover photo on mobile devices.


One of the biggest changes to the new Twitter layout is the BIG header image. Where you used to have a header image of up to 1252 x 626 pixels that displayed down to 520 x 260 pixels, now your header image will run across the whole page at 1500 pixels wide! I’m still waiting on formal confirmation of the header image size, but research indicates it is a 1500 x 500 pixel sized image.

The image is also scalable and able to be repositioned (much like a Facebook cover photo).

Again, the dimensions and layout may appear different on mobile devices. For right now, the images and layout are consistent with the “old” layout, as far as I can tell. But these will likely update in the future.

When you take the time to format your new cover and header photos, take the time to check your branding and layouts. Is it time for a new image? Maybe try adding in some new content into your images. There’s no time like the present for a fresh update!

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  1. Jenn: I have already the new Twitter banner layout. I added my banner, Americanized, that is for a upcoming site for the American sense-of-life content. I will add a new profile photo later on. It is hard to find a picture of yourself, don’t you think?! 😉

    How is your new Twitter username, Jenns_trends, working for you? I think that is a good pick. I will stick with my username, Lyceum, because it is reflection my views (Aristotle’s school, our old philosophical magazine, etc.) and it is short and sweet. I even have it displayed on a baseball cap! 🙂

    1. That’s exciting that you got the new layout already, Martin! I’m still waiting anxiously. Good luck on choosing a new profile photo.
      The new handle is working out well for me so far. I thought it was a good switch and time for something more brand related.

      1. Jenn: That’s good to hear! Do you think that this new layout is done in order to reach new Twitter users? I understand that plenty of the experienced users are not going to Twitter’s own page. Instead they are using third party tools, e.g., Hootsuite.

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