April 23, 2014

Twitter recently announced some new features to their platform. One of these new features is the ability to tag people in your Twitter photos. This is a great new feature because it adds more reach to your photos and it doesn’t cost you valuable characters in your tweet.

Rather than having to list the names of people in your tweet, taking up all those characters, you can instead tag them in the photo. This leaves you more characters to write your tweet content! The photo will still take up some of your 140 characters for the twit pic link as usual.

You can tag up to 10 people in each photo you share on Twitter. Every person who is tagged in a photo will receive a notification in their interactions tab.

And the good news is that this feature is available to all mobile Twitter users. As far as I can tell, this still isn’t available on Twitter.com.

So, how do you tag someone in a photo?

Share a photo to Twitter or add a photo to your tweet as you normally would. You’ll notice that when the photo uploads, there’s a box underneath that says “Who’s In This Photo”.  Click on this button.

A new screen will open with suggestions of people to tag as well as a search bar. Select all the people you want tagged in the photo. Click “Done” when complete. You’ll be returned to the tweet and you’ll see the names of those you tagged listed beneath the photo.

If you want to add someone else or delete someone’s tag, click on the list of names in the tweet and you’ll return to the tag screen.

Finish composing and share your tweet as usual. When the tweet is shared, you’ll see the names of those tagged in the tweet above the photo. Simply clicking on the name of a tagged user will take you to their profile.

It really is that easy to tag someone in your tweets!

A couple side notes though:

  • Anyone who is tagged in a photo can amend or delete the tag themselves
  • The photo only appears in the original tweeter’s stream – it doesn’t appear in the tagged users’ streams unless they retweet the original tweet
  • Those who have their Twitter accounts set to private can only tag people who follow them
  • If you’ve blocked someone, they cannot tag you
  • The default setting for public accounts is that anyone can tag them (this can be changed in the account settings)
  • The default setting for private accounts is not to allow any tagging (this can also be changed in the account settings)

To change your tag settings, access your Twitter settings. Scroll down and find the “Who can tag me in photos” option. Tapping on this option will open a screen with three options: Anyone; Only people I follow, and; Off. Select the option of your choice.

This tagging feature is a benefit for people who want to tag their friends but why would you want to use it for marketing?

Obviously, I don’t want you to go around tagging people just cuz you can!

Think about it much like Facebook and Google+ where tagging has been around for a while…

Maybe you’re sharing a blog post or article. Rather than only sharing the link, you could include an image and tag the author in the photo rather than an @ mention. Maybe you wrote a blog post that references experts or contributors. Again, use a photo for the Twitter share and tag these people in the photo.

Are you big on showcasing your customers? If you take photos of your customers at your store or using your products, tag them in the photos.

You can invite your customers to tag you or your business in their photos if they’re using your products or attending your events. You could also incorporate this option of tagging as a part of a contest (always abide by Twitter contest rules).

These are just a few ways you can tag people in your Twitter photos (or have them tag you). As always, be creative and find ways that work for you and your audience.

This new feature can help you reach out to new audiences and build your relationships with your customers and audience.

Have you tried using the tag feature? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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  1. Twitter is doing an awful to be similar to Facebook, aren’t they? The tagging feature on photos looks interesting but I’m not sure it will be hugely adopted. I still don’t see a ton of photos on Twitter in my Home feed- many sure, just nothing compared to Facebook in that way. It will be interesting to see what else Twitter does that they adopt from other networks.

    1. They really are mimicking Facebook in many ways, Mary! It’s actually frustrating. I think they should be embracing their uniqueness, not copying FB. However, it’s been suggested that Twitter is reaching out to new users and the best way to do this is to look “familiar” (ie. like FB). And since many veteran/hardcore Twitter users don’t even use the site directly, I guess they aren’t worried about upsetting many of them.
      I don’t know how these tagging features will catch on but I think some users will really enjoy the feature. I rarely tag anyone anywhere so it’s not of much relevance to me personally, either.

    1. Yes, Twitter is VERY good for businesses! I highly recommend you look into the use of Twitter. Your business doesn’t need to be everywhere but it should be on as many of the big sites as you can manage and which make sense for your business. If you can’t manage multiple sites, start with one. Once you have that one under control and are comfortable with it, add another site into the mix and so on.

  2. What a great new feature. Twitter might be copying Facebook but perhaps the reverse should be happening. Facebook should take a leaf out of Twitter’s book – rather than making unhelpful changes that’ll just end up making us pay more, they should be like Twitter and introduce more user-friendly applications!

    1. I don’t disagree with you, Carmen. I think there are a lot of things Facebook should do differently! 😉

  3. So can we tag people in photos we’ve already published? Say I tweeted a photo three weeks ago, then a friend joins Twitter today? Can they be included? Or is it already too late?

    1. Hi Stephanie! I believe you can only tag when originally uploading the image to Twitter. I don’t think you can go back and add tags after the fact.

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