May 18, 2016

Instagram ads are getting more and more prevalent in our feeds. If you’ve so much as logged on to Instagram, you’ve seen a number of these ads. And, some of them are better than others. Some of them are better targeted to you than others.

Like ads on any platform, some perform better than others. And it’s up to you as the marketer to create the best possible ads for your business.

So, what makes a successful Instagram ad?

From a technical standpoint, there are a number of things you need to consider. And that’s why I created a free downloadable resource for you with all of the step-by-step instructions and screenshots on how to run an effective ad on Instagram. You can download your copy here!

Some of the things to consider, and which are covered in the book, are how to select the right ad choices, how to target your ads, how to choose the right images, how to write the best copy, and how to budget your ad. All of these factors will determine how successfully your Instagram ad runs and the level of results you will achieve.

But beyond just these technical aspects, you also need to think about the more artistic side of your ads.

Here’s my thing: an Instagram ad image should be “pretty” enough to stand out in the feed yet organic enough to belong in the feed. It should look like something your target audience is already following and yet stand out from the crowd to really engage them.

Of course, this is not easy to do. And why you need to put a lot of time and thought into your ad imagery.

You need to know your target audience and why your content is valuable to them. What are they looking for? How can your content connect with that and drive their engagement? For example, if your target audience is athletic female college students, then your imagery should connect with that lifestyle: yoga, running, green juice, healthy food, etc. The more your image can immediately connect with them, and convey a message that your brand gets them, the more likely they are to connect with you.

But, even if you have the right steps in place and the right image to use, both of these are useless if you haven’t defined your purpose and end state for your ad.

Essentially, your goal is to direct traffic to your website. That’s easy. But for what purpose? Are you planning to collect email addresses? Are you looking to drive sales? Are you asking for participation? Are you driving opt-ins to a webinar? Are you trying to reach new audiences?

Here are some examples of accounts using Instagram ads for different purposes (and with powerful imagery):

See how different these ads are in terms of their outcomes? Yet, they all run successful campaigns on Instagram.

Whatever the goal is, you need to define it. Then build your ad around that goal. And use this to determine your level of “success” after your Instagram ad has finished running.

The number of likes on your ad, new Instagram followers, clicks on your ad, and traffic conversions from Instagram visitors are all going to be things to measure after your ad set has completed. Plan ahead, knowing what you goal is and set reasonable expectations to analyze your results when all is done.

I know this all sounds like a lot! Because it is. If you’re really gonna run a successful Instagram ad, you have to put the time and effort into creating the right content. Remember, most people who see your Instagram ad have likely never seen your account or heard of you before. This ad is their first impression of you. What impression do you want to leave them with? That’s why all of this is so important!

Oh, and don’t forget to go download the free copy of my guide on creating Instagram ads 

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  1. I’m a hypnotherapist and I haven’t had much success and inspiration related to instagram. I just don’t know what I would post. I can’t post pictures of clients because they are confidential.

    1. There are so many great ways you could use Instagram that don’t involve you having to photograph your clients. You could post images or videos from your treatment center to let people feel comfortable and aware of your facility – this builds trust and comfort (also important for client growth!). You could also share a weekly post with a tip or advice on how to benefit from hypnotherapy or how to improve results from hypnotherapy. If you get client testimonials, you could share these too. The idea would be to build your presence around a visual story that reflects your voice and style and establishes a level of trust and comfort with your audience.

  2. HI,

    Can you send the free ebook link? Im yet to get it n yes i did sign up and confirm my email addy.

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