February 9, 2016

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did you tune in for the commercials?

While the Super Bowl itself was mildly (at best) entertaining, the commercials provided, mostly, good entertainment. Some were straight lol-worthy, some a giggle or two, some touched the heart strings, and others left me scratching my head in a serious WTF moment. But, more on that to come…

In general, I noticed a lack of alcohol and beer ads. Where were the Budweiser Clydesdales? I mean, they had a sort of tribute montage and the “Not Backing Down” campaign, but it wasn’t much for the expectations we’ve come to see in years past at the Super Bowl. And even though Dame Helen Mirren slayed it with her message not to drink and drive, again, it wasn’t much of a traditional commercial.

And of course, the car commercials were there in droves to entertain us. Hyundai pretty much owned the spots with major cameos and entertainment value. The Genesis commercial featuring Kevin Hart reminded me of the Bad Boys movie and definitely had me laughing. A commercial full of Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong, really… so that was a win 😉 And the talk-to-start feature showcased with the bears was cute and worth the watch.

Prius had me wanting more when their bank robbery/car chase commercial started. But, fortunately, they delivered! Well played, Prius, well played. Not to mention, the follow up commercials taking it further along the story line made it that much more entertaining and a definite win for me.

Audi stepped up, in my opinion, with the R8 Commander commercial. I’ve heard plenty of other opinions, but I liked the simplicity, message, and well, the car! And it gave me goosebumps so it can’t be dismissed in my mind.

But, what about my vote for the best? My nominee for best commercial of the night goes to Doritos and the ultrasound baby. I thought this was HILARIOUS! Now, granted, while I was pregnant last year, the ONLY thing I craved for a snack was nacho cheese Doritos, so maybe I was a little biased to this one 😉 But, really, I thought it was funny and entertaining. I had a lot of people commenting that it was too risky or pushed the envelope, and I totally disagree. It was nice to see something NOT boring! And for those of you complaining, take a chill pill, calm down, and enjoy a moment of humor.

My second pick for top commercial goes to the Mini and their #DefyLabels campaign. I loved the message behind the commercial. It’s timely, relevant, and takes issue with something bigger than a car. And, the commercial was well done too… so a win in my books!

There was a wealth of other quality commercials which make my list of good, worth-the-watch entertainment: Doritos and the dogs at the grocery store; T-Mobile and Drake, T-Mobile and Steve Harvey (nicely done!); Bud Light with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen; Shock Top Beer and the “loser walks into a bar” one liner; Avocados from Mexico; among a few others.

I was pleased to see Intuit step up to help out a small business make it into the big dog ring with Death Wish Coffee. But the commercial itself was kinda flat and didn’t do much for me.

But that paled in comparison with the rash (pun intended) of disgusting bodily function commercials we were forced to sit through. From constipation to toe fungus to digestive problems… seriously, we are trying to eat here, people!

And, finally, the ultimate WTF moment goes to the hideous, improbable #puppymonkeybaby. There are no words and there should be no images but somehow it happened. I get the message of combining things you’d never expect to get the best thing ever. But, yeah, puppy monkey baby is Just. Not. That. And they successfully convinced me to NEVER try that toxic concoction they were promoting. It must have worked for their ideal target audience though because I’ve seen a lot of people (hello, a very specific target audience) replying saying how much they love it. So, I guess, kudos to Mountain Dew. Even though it sucked, IMHO.

And there you have all my thoughts on the commercials! Of course, you may differ... and I'd love to hear your thoughts! Was there something you loved or something you hated? Something you missed or wanted more of? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Love your take on these commercials Jenn. I have to totally agree with the complete grossness of the commercials for toe fungus and the like. No place during the Super Bowl in my opinion. I also really missed the good beer commercials (love those Clydesdales).

    One commercial I don’t think you mentioned that struck me as funny was the one for the truck bed music system. I loved the sheep singing Queen (but guess I am partial here because they are my go to Super Group).

    1. I’m so glad you feel much the same way as me, Kim 🙂 I did miss the Clydesdales. Although I also understand a deterrent from overly promoting alcohol consumption…
      I don’t think I saw the one you’re referring to although I’ve heard others mention it too. Sounds like I missed out on that one. Time to go find it on YouTube!

  2. I am completely with you on the puppy monkey baby, that thing freaked me out. I’m definitely not the demographic they were targeting though. I actually missed what the product was that night – it could have been shoes or bread or chips, the creepy critter was all I could see.

    1. Exactly, Robin! I was so confused and freaked out, I didn’t even know who the company was or what the product was. I had to Google it later to reference it 😉

  3. I have to agree with the Doritos ultrasound commercial. 🙂 I found it hilarious and well done. The fact it was not done as a big budget commercial from some big studio makes it better. Remember the Doritos commercials are viewer submitted meaning it could be you or I creating them. To me Doritos is the smartest of them all. Get users to create the commercials for free and if they are the most popular on the Super Bowl they win $1 Million. The payout is the airtime and the million dollars. They didn’t have to pay megamillions to a big production house (like Hyundai did) or millions to the stars (like Hyundai did). :-). That makes their campaign one of the most successful and smartest marketing ploys in the last few years. Remember the time machine from a few years ago (all shot and produced by a photographer with a DSLR). Too bad this was their last year with the campaign. :-(.

    1. I agree, Philip – it’s such a great campaign for Doritos and a chance for amateur videographers to get into the big kid game. I’ll be interested to see what Doritos does next year, now that this campaign is over…

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