December 1, 2014

One of the traps so many people fall into with social media is the "build it and they will come" mentality. Instagram is no different. Businesses think that if they create an account, share "quality" content, and just wait, that the clients, fans, and ideal audience will just show up. But they don't.

Instagram has the added benefit of hashtags, and the right hashtag strategy will help you reach new audiences. But you still have to work for it. People don't just show up and follow you on Instagram.

No, you need to let people know you're on Instagram.

And in this post I've put together my best suggestions for how to go about doing this.


Your website is your home. It's where people should ultimately end up when looking to do business with you. And, therefore, your website should be complete with all the information people need to contact you and interact with you. This includes putting an icon/link to your Instagram account on your website. It's shocking to me how often people forget this. They may have a button for Facebook and/or Twitter. But they leave out Instagram and wonder why no one knows their on Instagram. It doesn't take much to update your website with this button - contact your web designer if you have to, but get it on there.

Email Signature

How many emails do you send a day? Probably a lot! And if each of those emails were able to advertise your Instagram handle, or even list a clickable link to your Instagram account - wow! That would really help to let more people know how to find you on Instagram.

Printed Marketing Materials

Whether it's business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures, or any other printed materials, make sure you have some indication that you are on Instagram. It can be as simple as the Instagram camera logo or include your username. Just make sure that you're including this information so that people at any event you attend, or person who receives your printed materials, will know that you're on Instagram.

Other Social Media Accounts

If you already have solid foundations and followings on other social media platforms, take advantage of those audiences to promote your Instagram account. Put a link to your Instagram account in a post update on your other social media sites, inviting them to come check you on Instagram. This is a really good way to tap into existing fans and customers.


I already hinted at using hashtags to increase awareness of your Instagram account. And you should totally be using this tactic. I'm not going to dive into this process here, because I've done it numerous times before. But, if you want to learn more about how to effectively use hashtags to grow your audience on Instagram, read this post.

In-Store Advertising

If you have a physical store location or place where customers visit, make sure that you are advertising within the store that you are on Instagram. Put up a sign in the window. Put up a card at the cash register. Put up a decal on the door. Whatever it is, make sure that you are letting people in your store know how to find you on Instagram. These people are your most ideal target audience so it is important to make sure they know how and where to find you!

Vehicle Advertising

Whether you have a physical location or not, the power of vehicle advertising is very powerful. You may have company vehicles. Or you may only have your personal vehicle (even if it's your mini-van for hauling the kids around). Think of all the places your car goes everyday. In all those places, on all those streets, don't you think some of your target audience is out there too? You can use decals on your vehicle windows, wraps, or even side door magnets. Either way, advertising your business, and your Instagram account on your vehicle is an easy way to reach new audiences.

Just Tell People

A good old conversation is also a great way to actually let people know you're on Instagram. Yes, a real conversation. Go figure 😉 Whether it's on the phone, via Skype, in person, or whatever, just tell people you're on Instagram. Ideally, it should flow with the conversation at hand, not be just some random comment, but you get my point. Tell your customers. Tell your employees. Tell your business associates. Tell your leads or prospects. Tell anyone who is relevant to your business.

Speaking of decals for in-store or vehicles, my friend Sue Zimmerman has created some awesome decals for your Instagram handle. They come in a variety of colors and are such a reasonable price! If you want a creative and fun way to display your Instagram account, check out this site and order yours. (This is not an affiliate link and I won't benefit from the sales - I just think it's cool!)

In all reality, this information isn't limited to just Instagram. You should be using most of these tactics to advertise ALL of your social media accounts. The easier it is for people to find you, the more likely they will be to follow you.

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  1. Love especially the last one…. many times we get so focus with Social Media and internet in general, that we forget about the most basic way of communication: just good old conversation.

  2. Nice! I love your articles especially about iconosquare. Well for here too, people can synch there many Facebook friends and alert them to follow them on instagram using the find friends tab on profile

    1. Absolutely, Bill. You can definitely notify your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram.

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