April 25, 2023

Instagram is Finally Allowing Multiple Links in Bio!

Finally. Seriously. After allllll these years, Instagram was like, hey, yes, you can more than one link in your bio!


Or is it that exciting? Is it helpful?

Yes, in the grand scheme of things, this is a big deal for many and I’m glad Instagram did it. If they had done this 4 or 5 years ago, I think it would have made a much bigger impact and permanently impacted the way we use Instagram.

But… they waited until now.

When there are so many better alternatives to use. So it’s really not all that significant.

But despite my skepticism lol, let’s break down the update first. Then I want to share with you what I think is a MUCH better solution and I think you’ll agree.

How to use multiple links in your Instagram bio

If you want to set this up, go to your Instagram profile and tap on “Edit Profile”. From the edit screen, select the “Links” option below your bio description. Tap on + Add external link to add MORE links than the current one you have.

You can have up to FIVE links in your bio.

On the next screen, paste or type in the URL destination and give the link a name/title. The title of the link is SUPER IMPORTANT to use this feature well.

When people go to your profile, they will see your primary link and “+ others” next to it. They will have to tap on the link option to select the correct link you want them to use. Having the right titles will make sure they pick the right link to follow through on the action.

If one link is to get your free ebook, then something like “Get FREE ebook” is a great title. Not the ebook title or something that is unclear that that is the free ebook download option.

It’s also worth considering adding in some instructions in your call to action on your IG posts. Instead of saying “click the link in bio” and stopping there, you could say “Click the link in bio and select the FREE ebook link to grab your copy now”. This lets them know there’s an extra step involved.

BUT, here’s a better solution!

While the multiple links in bio option within Instagram is good, it’s not great. People need to know to tap the link option to find the other links. If they don’t follow through and click one of the links, you never see that traffic or get performance metrics on it.

Instead, I HIGHLY recommend you create a dedicated landing page on your website that works like Linktree and Link in Bio tools but which you own.

I explain it quickly in this video:

What you want to do is create a landing page (not accessible by any menu on your website), just a simple URL like yourwesbite . com / instagramlinks

This page should be optimized for mobile users. No pop ups. No big graphics. Simple and clean.

It should have 5-6 options you want people to follow through on from Instagram. Things like read your blog, sign up for your webinar, download your lead magnet, go to your product galleries, etc. Too many options creates overwhelm and will decrease conversions on click throughs.

Create easy to use buttons on the page with very clear titles as to which option to choose.

If you want to see this in action, go to my Instagram account
@jenns_trends and click on the link in my bio. You’ll see how I’ve formatted my landing page.

Here’s why this is so much better

When all the link traffic from Instagram goes to YOUR website, you retain ALL the information. You can track page conversions, time site, page navigation, and more all in your Google Analytics. You can see which pages get the most traffic, where people drop off, how many conversions you get, and so much more.

And, even if someone lands on that landing page and doesn’t go any further – you still own that traffic. You didn’t give it to a 3 rd party tool. You didn’t leave them on Instagram.

This matters because (if you have your Facebook pixel on your website) every one of those visits to your landing page are people you can target with ads.

You OWN all that traffic. You can maximize those visits and utilize it in your long-term (and even short-term) strategies.

And this, THIS, is why I won’t use the multiple links Instagram is giving us now.

Want frequent, up-to-date training like this on all things Instagram?

My membership program, Profit Your Profile, gives you that and more!

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