May 5, 2016

One of my favorite things on Instagram is a clean, pretty, cohesive account. When a brand or business can figure out their exact style so perfectly that every photo is uniquely and beautifully their own, that’s a solid win in my books. And one account that does this really well, and who I want to introduce you to in this Instagram case study, is Yorkelee Prints.

If you go check out their account, you’ll know instantly what I’m talking about. But, just to reinforce that, I break it all down for you here!

But first, time for the disclaimer… I am in no way affiliated with Yorkelee Prints. I haven’t discussed with them how they use their Instagram account or what results they get from Instagram – this post is based entirely on my interpretations of what I see on the current profile. I am not being rewarded, compensated, or paid in any way to write this post. This post is based entirely upon my opinions of their Instagram content from what I’ve seen shared publicly.

A Cohesive Brand Style

Minimalistic. Black and white. Modern design.

Every single post.

But it’s not boring. It’s gorgeous. I wish I could have that decor and style in my own life, let alone my Instagram account! 

The images are always well composed, well-lit, and perfectly styled. You know she has spent time formatting every image for ideal effect on Instagram and for her audience.

I have been following this account for a while and every time her images show up in my feed, I know instantly that they are hers. The styling is unique and consistent, no matter what the message or content is.

Personality and Brand Voice

You know how much I love to preach authenticity and staying true to your brand voice. This account has figured it out and then some!

She’s witty, funny, entertaining, honest – and her captions reflect that perfectly.

Every post is a glimpse into her life and her style, while still staying true to her brand and business. It’s a thin line but she walks it perfectly.

Whatever your business brand is, make sure that you’re taking the time to determine your brand voice (if you’re an entrepreneur or individual brand, this is easy – it’s YOU!). Find ways to weave that personality and voice into all of your posts to really build an authentic and engaged audience.

User Generated Content

Of course, the ability to have your audience create valuable content for you is always a valuable social media strategy. And Yorkelee Prints encourage this with their branded hashtag in the bio (you know I hate a hashtag in the bio unless for this purpose) as well as showcasing their customers’ images on their account, rewarding them and inviting others to submit their images.

The key with user generated content, which this account nails, is to keep their content consistent with your branded style. While it’s great to showcase customer content, it can actually negatively impact your Instagram account if the content is a harsh contrast to your normal style. Do your best to always select the UGC that matches your style closely and use additional edits if necessary (though you want to avoid this if possible) to bring the image more into alignment with your style.

Good Engagement

First of all, this small business has over 80k followers on Instagram. She has worked hard and used various strategies (from what I’ve seen) to grow her audience effectively.

She’s also averaging about 500 likes and 50 comments per post. While this hovers around 1% engagement, for an account with this many followers, that’s actually not bad.

As you know, Instagram engagement rates are declining (due to saturation and more casual users) and the larger your audience, the more your engagement rates will drop. And, we all know comments are worth more than likes in the engagement factor (it takes more time and effort and commitment to comment) so with a high level of comments on her posts, she’s doing well in the engagement department.

Good Use of Calls to Action

Of course, you can’t sell products if you don’t tell people how! And, sadly, this is a step people often forget. Or, they go the opposite direction and overly promote, selling something and pushing sales in every post.

Yorkelee does a great job of mixing in their CTAs occasionally and even when she does, they are part of the dialogue in the caption. It’s not all “sale, sale, sale” and yet she reminds her audience how and where to find the prints available for sale.

Keep this tips in mind when writing your own calls-to-action for your business. When you can stay conversational and valuable, you have a winning solution!

Overall, this account does a great job of creating consistency, transparency, and style, all while building an audience and promoting her business. It’s a great example of what works on Instagram. I hope you find some inspiration from Yorkelee Prints for your own Instagram account!

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  1. Its been a pleasure coming across your blog! being a non Instagram user but very much interested in getting involved your writing has been inspirational. You’ve summed up and clarified Instagram for me in the 7 pieces I have read.
    I’m doing a case study on a blog for my studies, have read several average ones but will be doing it on this one 😉
    Keep up the good and unbiased work!

    1. Thank you Lloyd! I am so happy that the posts you’ve read here have been that helpful for you 🙂 And I’m honored that you would include me in your post. Please make sure you email it to me at [email protected] or tag me in it on Twitter once you’re done so that I can read it.

    1. My pleasure Silvia! I’m glad you found this helpful 🙂 And, yes a good CTA can be hard to implement. If this is something you want more help with, I have a variety of services that would help you with this and other Instagram tactics.

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