November 25, 2015

In this month’s Instagram case study, I am introducing you to Sugar and Cloth. This fun, crafty blogger uses Instagram really well to showcase content on her blog as well as other aspects of her brand. You can find Ashley, the founder of Sugar and Cloth on Instagram at @sugarandcloth.

There are a number of things I really like about this account and if you enjoy crafting and/or blogging, you are definitely gonna want to check out this case study! But even if you aren’t into these things, I encourage you to read on for insight on excellent branding, sharing personality, and other ways to really develop a highly rewarding audience on Instagram.

Ok, time for the disclaimer… I am in no way affiliated with Sugar and Cloth. I haven’t discussed with her or she uses her Instagram account or what results she gets from Instagram – this post is based entirely on my interpretations of what I see on the current profile. I am not being rewarded, compensated, or paid in any way to write this post. This post is based entirely upon my opinions of their Instagram content from what I’ve seen shared publicly.

Awesome Visuals

This has become more and more important in social media and especially on Instagram. Gone are the days of snapping a quick photo and uploading it to Instagram. No, you need to be creating the BEST possible imagery for every. single. post. No arguments!

And Sugar and Cloth has amazing photos. Seriously. Gorgeous!

If you want some inspiration on creating stunning images that will stop your audience in their tracks as they scroll through Instagram (ahem, this should be your goal!), then you should navigate through the Sugar and Cloth gallery.

Her images are clean, attractive, balanced, and they tell a story all on their own. She has a photographer (her “other half”) who does a lot of the photography so that works in her favor. But it further demonstrates how valuable a good photographer can be! If you don’t have a talented photographer at your fingertips, consider hiring one for photo shoots once a quarter or a couple times a year in order to stock up on quality images for your business.

Effective Name and Username

One of the things I love is when people use the name and username properly on Instagram. Your username is how people know you on Instagram – it’s what they see when you post, comment, or like a post. So this needs to be well branded and represent how you want to be known. By having the username “sugarandcloth”, she is effectively branding her account by her business name, and the name her blog readers and audience recognizes. But, then, she set her name as her real name – the person behind the brand. This is so smart! This way, when people come to her profile, they can connect with Ashley – the person. Make sure that you are using your name and username effectively on your profile to both highlight who you are as well as your company. I would like to see her add more style and life to her bio by mixing in some classy emojis. Her account is really good, but her bio could use a little more of her awesome style and personality. 

Targeted Luxury Niche

In your business, it’s so important to know who your audience really is. And then create content for that audience. Sugar and Cloth knows that audience and creates targeted content that focuses on that luxury, the elegance, and the style that those women enjoy. Every post is ideally crafted to match this strategy and connect with that audience.

From personal posts to blog post topics, each image stays true to her theme, style, and audience. This is a powerful lesson in the value of creating the right content for your audience while still staying true to your brand. Find your niche then dominate it!

Authentic Personality

One of the other reasons I really like this Instagram account is that her personality really shines through in each post caption. She tells a story, gives anecdotes, and talks conversationally in a way that is truly authentic and allows for an immediate connection with her audience.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be truly “you” on Instagram. It’s an amazingly powerful tool to grow your audience and your brand, but you have to be true to you. Your audience will know if you’re being fake, and if you try to be too much of everything to everyone, you’ll end up alienating those who you actually want to attract.

Driving Traffic to Her Blog

Now, I can’t vouch for how much traffic she actually drives to her blog – because I don’t have her analytics. But, she does promote her blog post content via her Instagram posts. And with nearly 150,000 followers, I promise you she is getting blog traffic directly from Instagram. And, if she was to use a custom link to track actual clicks, she would be able to better track her Instagram traffic too (she has a standard url for her blog linked in her bio instead).

But, beyond just having the numbers, she does a good job of posting notifications that a new blog post is coming soon or that a new blog is live on her site. She entices her audience with a great photo, a fun caption, and the simple call-to-action that the content is available (or will soon be available) on the blog. It’s simple but effective!


Overall, the Sugar and Cloth Instagram account is a really good example of how you can use Instagram to develop your brand and business successfully. I hope you find some valuable tips here to help you up your Instagram strategy!

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  1. A fine example of utilizing Instagram to develop a brand. Thank you for breaking it down for us.

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