July 9, 2015

This is your official invite to the first ever Instagram baby shower!

I’m going to make the assumption that you know by now I’m preggers with my first baby. A little baby girl due in August. I’ve pretty much talked about it everywhere – though I’m trying not to drive you too crazy with pregnancy talk and stories 😉 But I have been posting about my pregnancy and sharing photos on Instagram (duh!) for a while and learning how to adapt to being a mom-to-be.


Something you might not know was that I never really planned on being a mom. It’s not that it was out of the question, it was just that I always wanted a career as my main goal. I wasn’t that girl that grew up dreaming about being a mom. I dreamed about fancy shoes, business meetings, and having influence as a leader in my industry.

I built Jenn’s Trends as my “baby”. My sweet, psychotic, loveable dog is my baby. But now we’re having a REAL baby! I’m gonna be honest – it was more than a little scary when we found out. Pushing 35 years old, building a business, and having just moved to a high rise downtown, a baby wasn’t really in my plan!

But here she is and we couldn’t be more excited! 🙂

And so, now we’re in baby planning time. And I want to invite you to something I think is pretty freaking awesome and revolutionary.

My dear friend Amanda Brazel is throwing me a first-ever Instagram baby-shower (well, we think it’s the first, but I don’t know for sure that it is)! Yup, it’s #JennsIGBabyShower time! And YOU are invited to join us!


It’s going to combine all my favorite things!

Instagram, obviously! 😉 But beyond that, it’s going to bring together online friends and members of my community. We’re going to give away prizes that benefit YOU as a business so there’s value in it for you – because that’s what I care most about. And it’s going to be pink and girly and fun!

Like, I said, all the things I love!

So, here’s the plan:

  • Go over to Amanda Brazel’s Instagram account to join in the party Thursday through Saturday
  • Thursday and Friday will be fun baby shower games – door prizes will be awarded for each game and these will be things to help you and your business
  • Saturday is the “big” event and we’ll be celebrating and playing around on Instagram with a grand prize to be awarded to those who participate – and this is one you’ll definitely want to help focus your social media efforts!

I honestly hope you’ll join us, even if just to experience the first ever Instagram baby shower!

Bonus Thoughts For Social Media Campaigns

Ok, so now that I’ve gushed and told you all about my party, I want to take an extra minute to talk about this from a business perspective. Because, well, that’s why you really read these blog posts 😉

I have to give full credit to this plan to Amanda as it was genuinely her creative idea to try something like this. But that’s what I love so much about it.

We’re willing to try something and do something that others haven’t seen before. All too often, when it comes to managing our social media pages, we get caught up in the doldrums of every day content. We post the same types of content, run the same types of ads, share the same types of resources, and maybe venture into a contest or “something” fresh – but that everyone else is already doing.

I want to encourage you to try new things. Try new ways to connect with your audience. Find creative ways to use the tools at your disposal to connect with your audience (and new audiences) in ways you haven’t before.

For example, yes, this baby shower, though for fun, is still something that could inspire new ways to lead Instagram campaigns.

Nordstrom does some great promotions where they run a product image on a social media platform and if it generates a certain number of likes, they add an additional discount (10% off for every 10,000 likes up to a max of 30% off). This gets interaction on the post on social media but also drives sales – cuz who doesn’t want 30% off that product?!

I’ve shared how Target got creative at Halloween to run an Instagram campaign that led to enhanced engagement AND sales – while actually providing value to their audience.

These are all examples of (excuse the cliche) thinking outside the box. You can take the same platform, the same tools, the same access that everyone else has and set your business apart. And you can do it in a way that your audience gets excited about. Freshen up those engagement numbers, generate new conversations, drive sales… it’s all possible.

So take a few minutes every now and then to jot down that next “crazy” idea that comes into your head. You never know where that burst of inspiration could take you on your next social media campaign!

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