November 24, 2014

One of the things people love about Twitter is the ability to sort their stream with Twitter lists. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer this same feature. And while it doesn’t run nearly as quickly as Twitter, you will see all of the content recently shared by everyone you follow. But that also means that you might miss older posts from people you want to see, if you have a highly active Instagram feed. So how can you get around this if you want to? Here’s how you can use Iconosquare to set lists to filter your Instagram feed.

First, you need to log onto Iconosquare and connect it to your Instagram account.

When you log into Iconosquare, you should be taken to the Viewer page which will show you your current Instagram feed. This is all the same content you would see on your mobile device. You’ll notice that it is showing you “Everybody” in your feed – this is the default.

To create customized lists, click on the “My Followings” tab. This will show you everyone you follow in a grid format. On the bottom right corner of each Instagram user is a small circle.

Hover over the circle and a drop-down menu will appear with a list of groups. These are default lists that Iconosquare thinks you may want to sort by. However, you can create your own new group by clicking on “New Group” at the bottom of the list.

Give the new list a name of your choice. In the blank field, type in the name of the group and then click “Create”. The current Instagram user will be added to this new group.

Now when you hover over any other people you follow, this group option will appear in the list of groups. Go through the people you follow on Instagram and add them to as many relevant lists as you feel is necessary. You can add each user to multiple lists.

Once you’ve gone through the (albeit tedious) process of assigning everyone you want to to the necessary groups, you can go back to the Iconosquare home page, or Viewer. Or click on the “Feed” option from the toolbar.

Where it’s filtered to say “Everybody”, hover over the down arrow at the right of the box. The lists you have people assigned to will not appear as options in the drop-down menu.

Choose the list to view and your feed will now be sorted to include only those you put into this group. It should be noted that this filtered list will only show you the recent posts of those people you sorted for, as the posts would have appeared in the “Everybody” tab. So you can’t use this function to see older posts from those people.

All of this list function to filter your Instagram feed is only available within Iconosquare. So to use this feature, you will need to log into Iconosquare and go to your Feed and select the group to view. However, from within Iconosquare, you can like, comment, and otherwise engage with those other Instagram users. You can, of course, also check your Instagram stats and do other things within the Iconosquare site.

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  1. Great site Jenn – thank you! I’ve been using Iconsquare’s lists features for a few months and have found them really helpful. Have you noticed that despite unfollowing someone that was previously in a list, the list count does not decrease? Also if you re-add the same person to your “followings” they are added back in to the original list,

    1. I haven’t noticed those things… but I haven’t really used the lists all that much so that might be why I haven’t noticed those. I know Twitter does the same thing where just because you unfollow someone, they aren’t removed from your list(s) so Iconosquare may have emulated that same structure.

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