October 20, 2014

I was recently asked to share my thoughts on how to connect with influencers on social media. My response was to use Instagram or personal Facebook accounts to connect with people on a more personal level. I recommended getting to know people on a more casual platform where everyone is more relaxed to grow friendships and recognition.

This is one of the many reasons I have enjoyed Instagram so much.

I have made amazing connections and friendships with a variety of people just by connecting casually on Instagram.

While I always talk about using Instagram for your business, the reality is that many people still only use Instagram for more personal reasons. They share photos of their family, pets, friends, travels, and other personal aspects. They may mix in aspects of their business or professional lives but they use the site primarily as a personal profile.

And because they aren't on Instagram in a business mindset, it can be a great way to actually get to know people!

I'm not recommending you go all insta-stalker or anything crazy... but connecting with people in your industry on Instagram will help you build your network. You get to see what they're like on a more personal level - what they like, what they do in their spare time, places they like to visit, and more.

By liking their content, you show up in their notifications. By commenting on their posts, you begin a dialogue and conversation with them. It's like a great networking party at your fingertips connecting you with everyone in your industry.

Through the people I've met on Instagram, I have connected with a variety of influencers, business associates, customers, and people with similar interests. It's been extremely rewarding!

And you can so easily do the same.

Take the time to find people in your industry you want to connect with. It could be potential clients, potential associates, or other networking opportunities.

Start off by following them and seeing what they post. Get to know what they share, how often they share, and in what context they share (personal, professional, casual, or well staged). This will help you determine how to engage with them.

Then you can engage with their content - like their posts and comment when appropriate. Just make sure you're engaging with them in the way they are posting content. For example, if they post a photo of their kid's soccer game, don't talk about how you enjoyed their latest blog post. If they post a photo about their recent vacation, don't talk about how you've been using their latest product.

Instead, wish their kid a good game. Or recommend a place to eat if you've been to that city they're visiting.

Show genuine interest. Have real conversations. Don't promote yourself. Don't ask for favors.

You know, act like you would in real life 😉

When you engage with people the way they use Instagram, you can actually forge real relationships. And this is how you can build your network using Instagram!

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  1. Hi, Jenn!

    I wanted to say thanks for your post; Kristin Linde and I were the ones who reached out to you on G+ for the initial “how to build a relationship with an influencer” question and I had to smile this morning when I read your blog post. Just wanted to say thanks again for your G+ comment and lending your fabulous expertise in general. 🙂

    1. Thanks Melissa 🙂 Glad I could make you smile!
      And, I’m always up for taking a question and turning it into a full blog post! Just happy to hear you appreciated it.
      I also enjoyed the other responses on the G+ thread – definitely some good advice.

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