May 7, 2014

Recently I became involved in a Twitter conversation about managing multiple Instagram accounts. The conversation has been carrying on for a couple of days and we’ve actually had a couple different companies chime in on what they can offer. It’s been a great opportunity for all involved and just further proves the value of social listening.

First, let me explain how we got to this conversation. Last week was Social Media Camp (#smcamp) in Victoria, BC. I’ve never attended the conference itself, but as one of the largest (if not the largest) social media conference in Canada, it’s worth paying attention to what they’re doing.

Also, Victoria is my hometown so I have a soft spot for seeing all the photos and posts showing off the beautiful city. 

This year, Sue B. Zimmerman was one of the speakers and I wanted to keep tabs on what she was up to as well. So I had a few good reasons to stalk the #smcamp hashtag.

I also like to use these opportunities to connect with new people. I follow and connect with people attending the event and using the hashtag. They may be potential clients or they may be fellow industry professionals worth connecting with. I love this means to connect with these new people.

So, in a sense, I’m utilizing social listening on my own to grow my audience and network. It works well every time! And the conversations that ensue are so much fun! For this event, I connected with a number of new people on both Twitter and Instagram.

One of the conversations that got going on Twitter had to do with managing multiple accounts on Instagram. One of the people I had newly connected with asked if I knew Sue Zimmerman and if I had any thoughts on managing more than one Instagram account. Of course, I know Sue (we met at SMMW14) and told him so. I also recommended he look into Gramblr. I haven’t used the site personally but have heard good things about it.

This started a whole conversation between him, myself, Sue, and another SMCamper who chimed in, hoping for an answer too. The conversation revolved around options, issues with the API, and desktop vs. mobile usage.

But it got really interesting when other Instagram platform management companies started chiming in.

Gramfeed was the first to chime in. I don’t know what they were “listening” for, but it could have been anything from “Instagram” to “Gramblr” or other keywords we were using in our conversations. Instapult was the next to chime in with suggestions to try their site, which they claim can post (and even schedule) Instagram posts for multiple accounts and from a desktop computer.

To be clear, I haven’t used either of these companies nor their platforms. And, in all reality, the Instapult company got a little rude and overbearing (IMHO), which is off-putting to me. I did find Gramfeed to be more politely professional and approachable. However, I am not advocating for either of these companies.

BUT, I am impressed with both of their uses of social listening to capitalize on an opportunity to connect with people around a conversation directly related to their products.

And, they both successfully had multiple people check out their sites and services as a result of this conversation. And this was only one conversation. Chances are there are plenty more conversations about this exact topic floating around out there for them to offer solutions to.

I’ve written about social listening before and it’s value as a part of your customer service strategy. Once again, social listening has proven its value in educating, connecting, and creating conversations around a brand. If you’re not utilizing this tactic to connect with your audience, find new customers, or offer solutions, you’re missing out on huge opportunities.

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  1. Wow.ok i am a new blogger and website owner. I never knew about all the companies. It is hard for me to manage my accts. Because i have to do everything myself. I can’t keep up with me and my budget doesn’t allow me to hire. Thanks i will look into those companies as well.

    1. Finding a site or dashboard to help you manage your accounts can be a big help. Hootsuite is a great tool that can help you manage Facebook and Twitter, and Google+ business pages. It won’t help you with Instagram for posting content but you can view and engage with Instagram through Hootsuite too. And you can probably use the free service for what you need. Just something to consider.

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