January 24, 2023

Instagram has added the option to create a lead form directly on your Instagram profile. This form will allow you to collect answers to a few questions and inquiries about your business as well as the person’s name and contact information.

For small businesses that don’t have robust lead tracking software, this could be a really good way to collect leads on potential customers and begin to nurture those leads within the platform where they’re already spending time.

Here’s how to set up the lead form.

You can watch this video for a quick run through of the process including screenshots of setting up the lead form:


Go to Edit Profile from your profile screen and scroll down to Action Buttons.


Select the Lead Form option.


They offer a standard form, a single question form or you can create your own with the Custom Form option – I recommend the custom option to create your own.


If you select the Custom Form option, tap “add question” to add your own question.


Choose the type of question – multiple choice or short answer.


Type in your question as it will appear to people filling out the form, and if you selected multiple choice, fill in the answer options.


SUPER IMPORTANT – when you’re done filling in your questions, tap on “Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the screen. This is where you can name your form, which you will want to do


Then choose the button name option (like Learn More) for your call to action.

And there you have it! Your form will be added as an action button on your profile. Others will see it as one of the buttons directly below your bio description.

When someone fills out your form, you will get a notification in your regular notifications on IG and you’ll also get an email notification sent to the email address set up on your Instagram account.

From the notification screen, tap on the leads notification to see the list of leads you’ve collected. These will remain available for you to access for 90 days. Tap on the lead you want to view to access the details and responses for the lead form. You can also then update the “stage” to contacted, converted, or not interested – to help you keep track of conversion progress.

Again, if you have a robust lead capture system, this may not be necessary. Or, if you use this in addition to something more professional, you’ll want to extract the data from this form system (manually) and enter it into your tracking software since you lose it after 90 days in Instagram.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these steps. Would you like to write something about the new feature of 'Sell products' direct from IG chat? I think many people are still unaware of this new feature. TIA.

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