December 28, 2016

Anyone who uses Instagram for more than a few seconds has their favorite Instagram accounts. We’re all drawn to different accounts for different reasons and we follow all sorts of different accounts.

I have my faves for business, social media, celebrities, friends, and more. There are millions of people (over 600 million, actually) who are out there creating content for you to find. But it’s not always easy to find those “new”, good accounts. And, because I get asked almost every time I do an interview of some sort, I thought I’d put together my list of some of my favorite Instagram accounts.

These are all accounts I actually follow and am proud to share with you. These are not the average list of accounts you’ll find on any other wrap-up list!

Feel free to check them out and follow them too if you think they are valuable to you.

Social Media

Believe it or not, yes, I follow other accounts purely for their social media (and/or Instagram) advice. Here are my favorite accounts in this topic.

Social Studio Shop

I am quite possibly OB-sessed with this account and give her a shout-out almost every time. @social_studio just gets Instagram and photography. But she’s also super smart, fun, sophisticated, and genuinely nice. Her content is beautiful but educational and filled with support for other business owners. To me, there’s nothing better than that!

Instagram For Business

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this account. @instagramforbusiness gives you all the big Instagram news updates but also highlights other Instagram accounts and how they use Instagram for their business. If you need a dose of inspiration for Instagram marketing, you’ll want to follow this account.

The Social Media Hat

If you love learning about social media, in my opinion, you absolutely have to be following Mike Allton from The Social Media Hat. His blog is one of the best I’ve ever come across. And while @socialmediahat shares a lot of motivational content (that isn’t normally my speed), he’s an example of staying true to his branding, creating content that works, AND you get to see when he posts a new blog post worth reading cuz he shares those updates too.

Molly Marshall Marketing

Molly doesn’t share a lot of photos, well any, really, on Instagram. But she is a constant source of tips and information for social media success. If you like your tips in short bursts and easy-to-digest content, you’ll want to follow @mollymarshallmarketing.

Jeneration PR

Jen doesn’t do just social media, in fact, she’s much more focused on public relations. But in today’s business, you know that has a lot to do with social media  So, if you want to promote your company efficiently, you want to get all of @jenerationpr‘s tips and advice – trust me!


Businesses and Brands

There are a ton of businesses doing great things on Instagram. Some of my favorite Instagram accounts include products I use, bloggers I love, and beautiful accounts that just really use Instagram well.

Vanilla and Bean

Traci has a stunning Instagram account at @vanillaandbean for vegetarian food lovers. Now, I am NOT a foodie, vegetarian, or particularly concerned with organic products. But this girl will get you excited about it!

Sugar and Cloth

For Instagram done right – with vivid colors, great photos, fun craft ideas, and more – check out @sugarandcloth. Ashley is a blogger who is using Instagram to build her brand exponentially.

The Brelli

Product placement done well, beautiful photos, and a great product at that is why I love @thebrelli. If you want inspiration for good product photos, this is a good account to check out.

Yorkelee Prints

For a company that creates wall art and design, most of their content is actually user generated content. And yet, their gallery is always cohesive, beautiful, and well-designed. @yorkelee_prints is a perfect example of how to stay true to your brand but use your customers to your advantage!

People and Pets

Of course, there are those randoms out there of people – and adorable animals – who use Instagram to show us how awesome life really can be. We all have our favorites in this category, and here are some of mine:

Pumpkin the Raccoon

This is one of my favorite Instagram accounts and I’m kinda obsessing over this adorable pet family – cuz it’s a pet raccoon and his doggie siblings. I mean, seriously, people! You will want to go check out @pumkintheraccoon for random fun – but also a great insight into branding a character on Instagram.

The Yacht Stew

This lady is traveling the world as a yacht stewardess and sharing the amazing adventures on Instagram as @theyachtstew. The photos are gorgeous, the places stunning, and she keeps my Instagram feed full of fun.

Katie Killon

As a travel blogger, Katie uses her Instagram account, @lajollamom, to showcase her travels. But she does it with beyond beautiful imagery and so much great information. She is like a travel guide for every post on what to do, where to go, or what to see.

So, there you have some of my most favorite Instagram accounts right now. Of course, I’m following nearly 600 people on Instagram, so there are plenty of others I love but I think this list will give you some good inspiration of what works well on Instagram – and hopefully help you find some inspiration for your own Instagram account.

But what about you? Who is your favorite account on Instagram? Share in the comments below! I’d love to find great new accounts to connect with 

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  1. You should follow @misshattan, a photographer based in NYC, who makes a wonderful footage of her crazy (and beautiful) life

    1. Thanks! Great recommendation and a beautiful account. Though I wonder where she gets some of her photos…

    1. Thanks Molly! So glad you found the other ones valuable too 🙂 And, I’m happy to share you with others!

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