June 20, 2024

Does Instagram Only Show Your Posts to 10% of Your Followers?

Does Instagram only show your posts to 10% of your followers before determining how many more to show it to?


Ugh, this myth of the algorithm has lived on far too long. I don't even know where it started from exactly but it was derived from how other social media platforms distributed content in the past. And it somehow perpetuated into Instagram mythology.

That said, the IG algorithm has NEVER worked this way and it still doesn't.

If you want a quick overview of this, you can check out this Instagram post

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How Does Instagram Actually Prioritize Content?
IG is primarily a one-to-one relationship between creator and audience. If you consistently interact positively with my content, my content appears higher in your feed - regardless of what others do with it. (Reels are a bit of an exception to this with these having more weight on overall popularity - but even those aren't shown to only 10% and then redistributed)

IG will show your content to essentially every one of your followers when they next log in. They aren't "hiding" your content. However, that content is ranked algorithmically alongside all other content from those they follow since the last time they logged in, plus suggested posts, plus ads. So, if you're not one of their top engaged accounts, your follower has to scroll down significantly far in the feed to see your post.

Stop worrying about the 10%
The key is to focus on creating high quality content that resonates with your audience. If they like videos, do Reels. If they like games, do interactive content. If they like puppies, incorporate dogs into your content. You get the idea Give them more of what they want! Create the content that is valuable to them (entertainment, education, etc.) that keeps them interacting.

When your content is delivering what the audience is looking for, it’ll rank higher for more people, thereby getting you more reach and engagement with your followers. This will also help get your content into search, recommendations, and Explore to further improve your distribution.

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